“… a proven stimulus of innovation —  the meeting of unlike minds.”
Thomas Stewart, 2001

Unlike Minds Associates and the World Health Innovation Summit

Unlike Minds associates continue to have an interest in the development of  the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS). Co Founder David Dickinson was first introduced to WHIS when he relocated to a new area. He went as a prospective patient to meet his local GP, Dr Amir Hannan at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres. www.htmc.co.uk

From the outset it was clear that David as an Information Strategist, and Amir as a passionate advocate of patients having access to and understanding their medical records would hit it off. Shortly after Amir who in his spare time is Chair of the World Health Innovation Summit introduced David to Gareth Presch, the Founder & Chief Executive.

This is where David’s earlier career in in education, careers and employability, and later research into meaning making and the career gestalt all began to make sense, adding the previously missing dimension of health and wellbeing information.

Amir invited David to share platforms at conferences, to sit on committees including the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership Digital Collaboration board and to join the committee of the practice’s award winning Patient Participation Group.

The vision and values match had been evident from the outset so Unlike Minds associates were delighted when Both Amir and Gareth accepted the invitation to join their ranks. 

Below are images from just two of the national conferences at which David has since spoken. A speaker at the Good Summit (Trinity College Dublin last year, David will be chairing the health and wellbeing strand on behalf of WHIS and Unlike Minds associates Dr Amir Hannan and Dr Rebecca Torrance Jenkins are two of the four speakers.

Amir is a renowned advocate of patients being able to access and understand their medical records. Notice that in Amir's consulting room, the patient also has access to a monitor.
Gareth's tireless efforts have seen WHIS evolve from a local organisation in Cumbria to a worldwide agency working with the United Nations to deliver the Strategic Development Goals.
Recently at a conference on digital media at The Vatican, Gareth received special recognition.
David responding to a question as a member of the expert panel at the National Clinical Informatics Congress
...and David as a speaker in the WHIS-managed health and wellbeing strand of the Good Summit 2018, which he is organising and chairing this year (Oct 2019)

WHIS in a Nutshell

Together, We Inspire

To support participating communities, locally, nationally and internationally to share knowledge.

Mission Statement
To support inspiring platforms around the world that encourage innovation and knowledge exchange to improve health and social care.

(Inspiring platforms? that sounds rather like the i-Space Navigator 🤔 )

The vision
To set the benchmark in providing and supporting health and social care summits around the world.

The business model
A Community Interest Company in which all the profits after costs will go back into the community through grants and bursaries


  • To support the best platform for knowledge exchange in health and social care
  • To work with our communities – patients, clinicians, managers, voluntary sector, education and businesses
  • To share knowledge and best practice around the world

The Programmes

  • Advisory
  • WHIS Kids
  • WHIS at Work
  • WHIS Seniors
  • WHIS Green
  • Design Thinking
  • Pregnancy
  • Music, Arts, Health

For more details on WHIS, visit their website at www.worldhealthinnovationsummit.com