“… a proven stimulus of innovation —  the meeting of unlike minds.”
Thomas Stewart, 2001

Statement of Common Ground.

This Statement of Common Ground is a guideline to the behaviours and attitudes that we wish to encourage in Unlike Minds Associates.


While completing the day-to-day tasks related to my role, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity, I will consider the causes and effects of my actions. To the extent to which I am able, I take responsibility for my actions, including their environmental, and physical and spiritual effects.

Personal Integrity

I aspire to maintain high standards of personal integrity in all of my thoughts/intentions, words and actions

Direct Communication

I intend to use clear and honest communication with open-listening, heart-felt responses and straight-forwardness. In public and in private I will not speak in a way that demeans or maligns others. I will talk to people rather than about them. I may seek helpful advice, but will avoid any negative discussions or comments


I recognise that how I respond to the outside world – including criticisms, irritations or appreciations – may also reflect what is inside myself.  I will strive to be aware of my own feelings and consider how they might impact on my dealings with others.

Respecting Others

I respect other people: their personal space; their differences; their views; their origins; backgrounds and values. I do not intend to inflict my attitudes, social norms, behaviours or desires on others. I should step in and stop, or at least make clear that I would like stopped, actions (including intimidation and manipulation) that I feel may be unwanted by, or abusive to, me or others in our community.


I take responsibility to work through, and put aside, my personal issues for the benefit of the whole community. I will seek to resolve personal and business conflicts as soon as possible. I acknowledge that there might be wider perspectives than my own and deeper issues than those that may immediately concern me.

Personal Growth

I am committed to being the very best I can be in every aspect of my thoughts, attitudes and behaviour and I wish to recognise and change any of my personal attitudes and behaviour patterns that may prevent me doing this.


I understand that Unlike Minds is a community of peers that can only succeed through everyone’s cooperation and good communication. I agree to communicate clearly with colleagues and others who may be affected by my actions and decisions, and to consider their views carefully and respectfully. I recognise that others may take actions that affect me and I agree to respect the care, integrity and wisdom that they have put into their decision-making process.

Intellectual property

I respect the legitimate intellectual property rights of others, both inside and outside Unlike Minds.

Individual and collective process

I accept differences of style and opinion where appropriate. Where disagreements or disputes need to be resolved, I agree to play a full part in the necessary process.

I am willing to listen to constructive comment, and to offer constructive comment to others in a caring and appropriate manner, supporting mutual growth and development.

I agree to participate in the common processes and practices of the Unlike Minds community, which have been designed to help the personal, professional and ethical development of myself, and others, and to seek to maintain and develop our Common Ground.


Above any legal or commercial binding, I aspire to keeping agreements that I have made and to not breaking or trying to evade any laws, rules or guidelines, to have honest dealings with all bodies.


I aspire to exercising the spirit of this statement of Common Ground in all my dealings as an associate of Unlike Minds.

May 2014

Adapted from that used by the Findhorn Community