“… a proven stimulus of innovation —  the meeting of unlike minds.”
Thomas Stewart, 2001

Teaching Children how their brains work improves their ability to learn.

“Educational neuroscience has the potential to transform teaching and learning in the same way that science transformed medicine”   Royal Society 2012

Dr. Rebecca Torrance Jenkins was introduced to Unlike Minds by Ray Hanks with whom she was working on digital media projects. She is an educational neuroscientist and author, prior to which she was an innovative post graduate science teacher. Rebecca recognised that teaching and learning strategies were rarely informed by the way the children’s brains actually functioned. Wishing to pursue this understanding further she undertook a doctoral research programme following which she began a campaign to introduce awareness of the learning brain to educators and children. This work, the Neurofiles Project, has been active in a number of schools over the past two years and is demonstrating that at school, classroom and individual levels, understanding what’s happening in the brain when we’re learning can aid teachers to engage children more effectively and significantly impact both attitude to and behaviour for learning in pupils.