“… a proven stimulus of innovation —  the meeting of unlike minds.”
Thomas Stewart, 2001

Health and Well-being - projects overview

The World Health Innovation Summit

Unlike Minds is a proud partner of The World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS)  and David Dickinson is a member of the management team.  Gareth Presch, WHIS’s Founder and Chief Executive is happy to be regarded as an Unlike Minds Associate, as too is the WHIS Chair, Dr Amir Hannan. Naturally Gareth’s current parallel role as adviser to the UN Sustainable Development Goals programme, and Amir’s as a busy doctor in general practice, doesn’t permit a great deal of involvement, but both serve as a hand on the tiller for our big projects. 

The i-Space Navigator

By far our biggest project is the i-Space Navigator project, where our health and wellbeing, and our teaching and learning merge as initiatives to be what we believe to be a key service for the future of guided self care. 

The project was conceived by the Unlike Minds founders David Dickinson and David Oliver in the late ’90s, gained a little more momentum when David Alexander joined them in 2016 and is rapidly attracting more interested parties.

Click i-Space Navigator for further details.

Augmented Reality in General Practice

Since leading a successful national Augmented Reality project for the Department of Education in 2012, Unlike Minds has been exploring its use in such diverse areas as travel and tourism and teaching & learning. This particular application of the technology was designed to assist GPs to help patients, their families and friends to accommodate lifestyle changes. Click here for the explanation and video.

Salutogenesis: Sense of Coherence and Meaning-Making

A submission has been made to UNGSII via WHIS to establish the Manchester SDG 3 / 4 hub. More to follow.