“… a proven stimulus of innovation —  the meeting of unlike minds.”
Thomas Stewart, 2001

Dr Rebecca Torrance Jenkins

Dr Rebecca Torrance Jenkins is an educational neuroscientist, science teacher, presenter, researcher and author. Together with Unlike Minds associates Ray Hanks and David Oliver, she co-founded Neurofiles, a project which communicates findings from neuroscience to the general public. Rebecca leads on the education initiative, drawing on 15 years’ experience in teaching, educational research and working with school leadership. With her own grounding at UCL, Durham and Cambridge Universities, she has prepared pupils for some of the most academically demanding schools in the country, and also worked with schools in very deprived areas. Rebecca has written several papers for academic journals about the use of educational neuroscience and cognitive psychology in teaching, reviews papers for journals, and consults on international Mind, Brain and Education panels. She champions passionately for the need for a greater understanding of how brains learn in education, which is currently woefully inadequate. Both her writing and work with schools have caused a stir in the right direction: towards better lifelong outcomes for pupils. She recently won a Highly Commended Woman in Education award from the SheInspires Foundation, for inspiring others in her field. 

The Brain-Friendly, Growth Mindset School Rebecca and David Oliver have developed a programme that enables schools to evaluate neuroscience research findings and make informed decisions as to what changes might be made at the whole school or individual classroom levels. Now in its third year, the programme is demonstrating significant positive impacts and is in action in over ten schools. You can hear about the programme from the pupils’ and teachers’ themselves here, in a brief video: https://vimeopro.com/user2677238/neurofiles-education .

Neuroscience in parenting In response to the many questions she has been asked by parents during her work with schools, Rebecca is attempting to answer them from a neuroscientific perspective in a book that deals with some of the hardest parenting issues, such as computer gaming, anxiety, sexual relationships and porn, exam revision and conflict with parents. Soon to be published!

See Rebecca’s papers and publications.