“… a proven stimulus of innovation —  the meeting of unlike minds.”
Thomas Stewart, 2001

The Publications and Papers of Unlike Minds

David Dickinson 

  • Towards an andragogy for living in an information society in Stephenson J (2001) Teaching and Learning Online: pedagogies for new technologies Kogan Page London 
  • Digital technologies in career education and guidance in Journal of the National Institute for Careers Education and Counselling. Oct 21012 (Co-author) here
  • The work of Unlike Minds to the European Commission PARADISO Conference (Major Societal Paradigm Shift and the Future Internet), Brussels Nov. 2010 here
  • ‘Information systems to support all-age continuing personal development” an advisory paper requested by David Willetts MP (2009) here
  • The Career Gestalt and the Personal Internet. All-Age Careers Service conference on 21.3.11 London (2011) here
  • Orientation, Navigation & Engagement: a philosophy for human and digital navigation (2015) here
  • The Primary Care Patient Record in the United Kingdom: Past, present, and future research priorities. Journal of Medical Internet Research Sept 2018 (co-author)
  • Perception, Wellbeing and Meaning Making, a presentation to the Good Summit (Health and Wellbeing strand) on behalf of the World Health Innovation Summit, Trinity College Dublin. Oct 2018
  • Information for Wellbeing (2021) in “Good Health and Wellbeing: Social Prescribing playbook.” Global Social Prescribing Alliance (published by World Health Innovation Summit, National Health Service and UNSII.
        rough transcript with thumbnails. Some additional materials here
        video of presentation with animations (use pause/run to control the flow) here


Rebecca Torrance Jenkins

  • Developing the right mindset for learning: Teaching, self-regulation, focus and calm in the classroom. Impact, Journal of the Chartered College of Teaching, Spring 2019. here
  • Students becoming researchers. School Science Review, March 2019 (Co-author). here
  • Using educational neuroscience and psychology to teach science Part 1: CLT and CASE. School Science Review, December 2017. here
  • Using educational neuroscience and psychology to teach science Part 2: Brain targeted teaching. School Science Review, December 2018. here
  • Practical independent research projects in science: a synthesis and evaluation of the evidence of impact on high school students. International Journal of Science Education, 2018 (co-author) here
  • Young Researchers: A rapid evidence review of practical independent research projects in science. The Wellcome Trust, London, 2016 (co- author) here
Hank Kune
  • Jenny Quillien, J and Kune, H. (expected in 2021): “A Virtual Ba for Collective Solution Seeking”, in Hybrid Learning Spaces, edit. Editors: Gil, Mor, Dimitriadis, Köppe. To be published by Springer, Germany.
  • Jörgel, M., Kune, H., Van Erkel, F. (2019) “A New Societal Contract”, in Human Futures magazine, a publication of the World Future Studies Federation, April 2019
  • Kune, H., Jorgel, M., Van Erkel, F. and Martinez, P (2018): “Is it time for full Open Innovation: Reflecting on Roots and Renewal”, in Open Innovation 2017-18 (European Commission, DG Connect)
  • Kune, H., De Rooij, A. and Van Wijk, S. (2018): “The Preferendum: citizens, business and policy-makers jointly guide working on societal challenges” [in Dutch], in Staat van Verbinding (editor De Rooij, A and Van Wijk, S. VOC uitgevers, Nijmegen)  
  • Rissola, G., Kune, H. and Martinez, P (2017): Innovation Camp Methodology Handbook (JRC Science Hub (Joint Research Centre, European Commission)
    Bronner, F. and Kune, H. (2016): “Sources d’Eureka! et de Resultat: Les Centres de Futur” [in French] in  Office et Culture (2016)
  • Markkula, M. and Kune, (2015): “Making Smart Regions Smarter: Smart Specialization and the Role of Universities in Regional Innovation Ecosystems”, in Technology Innovation Management Review, Volume 5, Issue 10, October 2015
  • Lappalainen, P. Markkula, M. and Kune, H., editors (2015): “Orchestrating Regional Innovation Ecosystems: Espoo Innovation Garden”. This book includes four of Kune’s co-authored articles about different aspects of the Espoo regional innovation ecosystem
  • Markkula, M. and Kune, H. (2015): “Orchestrating an Entrepreneurial Discovery Process”, in Open Innovation 2015 (European Commission, DG Connect)
    Markkula, M. and Kune, H. (2013): “Horizon 2020: Regional Innovation Ecosystems – from theory to practice”, in Open Innovation 2013 (European Commission, DG Connect)
  • Markkula, M. and Kune, H. (2012): “Pioneering Regions and societal innovations as Enablers for the Europe 2020 strategy,” in Open Innovation 2012 (European Commission, Directorate-General for the Information Society and Media).