“… a proven stimulus of innovation —  the meeting of unlike minds.”
Thomas Stewart, 2001

David Alexander

David Alexander David has over 40 years experience working across, private and public sector in digitally based services and solutions including Identity, personal data, CRM, command and control, housing, local government and healthcare, security and trust based platforms David is the co-author of the CRM Pocketbook and a master coach and advisor on the key areas of market entry, proposition development, leading virtual teams, partnership development, identity and personal data. 

David is the Chief Executive of Mydex, a community interest company that built and operates the Mydex platform. The Mydex platform is a person centred public digital trust platform which equips individual’s to play and active part in the management of their lives, their identity and the data that underpins it and how they interact with the world around them. 

David is the Mydex platform architect.  As part of seeking external verification of the trustworthiness of the platform and the company David sought out the independent certification of the Mydex platform and company via ISO 27001 (information Security Management System) and FairData certification.  The platform has been in operation successfully for over 6 years. The Mydex platform is considered by an increasing spectrum of organisations and policy makers as a key utility to deliver social impact. David is a Fellow of the RSA, a Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales where is also the Chief Customer and Information Officer. David is a member and active supporter of Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Open Rights Group. David is passionate about protecting individuals privacy and personal data and its associated rights.  David is a passionate advocate of ensuring interoperability between systems and services based on open standards and the use of open source software and independent inspection and certification as means of ensuring trust can be established and maintained. 

David is on the Governance committee of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium and is a Non Executive Director of tScheme the independent, industry-led, self-regulatory scheme set up to create strict assessment criteria, against which it will approve Trust Services in the UK. GOV.UK Verify the UK identity assurance scheme mandates the use of tScheme assessment of all identity providers services against the recognised verification requirements set out in the scheme including GPG 45 Identity Proofing and Verification of an Individual and GPG 44 Authentication Credentials in Support of HMG Online Services.  David was the lead architect for implementing these within the Mydex platform as part of their involvement in the Identity Assurance programme. 

Prior to Mydex he was Director of Strategy and Marketing at Northgate Information Solutions and Group Development Director at Computacenter plc. In both cases he led EU wide programmes of innovation and change management using culturally, geographically and organisationally diverse teams to deliver transformation and the creation and launch of new products and services including the first high availability cloud based infrastructure as a service solutions. David has an extensive background in software architecture design and engineering and mission critical systems development coupled with proposition development, innovation and commercial management. David has written numerous articles and contributed to a wide range of consultations surrounding the emergence of a personal data ecosystem and the implications of a re-balanced ecosystem between the individual, the state and the economy and how a person centred approach to identity and personal data can deliver more flexible, scalable and resilient public services and remove risk, friction and cost in customer journeys and back office processing. 

David is a co-founder of the Future Societies Platform consortium and is leading core architecture and design of the FSP which will use a combination of components to deliver transformation on how communities work together to deliver significant sustainable transformations. David is also working on the open source project that seeks to bring the next generation of independent experience layers to the digital society allowing for personal control and configuration over one’s environment. David believes that independent, experience, identity and data layers are the backbone of a modern society and digital economy that places individual’s at the centre as the logical point of integration. David is and has invested in a number of enterprises which rely on the GDPR compliant use of personal data to deliver innovations and person centered services.  

David is also a part owner in three patents. David is an active volunteer in his own community acting as Group Scout Leader for a 100 strong Scout Group and as Treasurer and Director of a Community owned Post Office Stores.   LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidealexander/

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