“… a proven stimulus of innovation —  the meeting of unlike minds.”
Thomas Stewart, 2001

Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Where AR Began for Unlike Minds

Unlike Minds began experimenting with augmented reality (AR) in 2004 when we helped The Education Department at Manchester Metropolitan University to win one of the Department for Education’s first research contract in the field. The result was a character called Scimorph, an extraterrestrial that gave the learners the sensation that it was sitting on the target card in their hands and responding to various scenarios the learner requested.

Since then there have been many advances in AR software, especially as applications for mobile phones. Furthermore The Monastery studio is now equipped with green screen facilities and high end cameras so that the team can now produce films for AR projects in house. This enables the team to develop visitor attraction AR films for The Monastery as well as projects for contracting clients.

There are two Unlike minds projects currently taking advantage of AR: one related to healthcare the other to learning and neuroscience:

AR and healthcare.

The following video was was produced by NHS Employers to showcase Unlike Minds’ innovative use of augmented reality in the consulting room and later with family and friends.

The video below illustrates the process in a little more detail.