“… a proven stimulus of innovation —  the meeting of unlike minds.”
Thomas Stewart, 2001

Unlike Minds is a capability network whose associates are at the leading edge of social change thinking. We come together to address complex problems with creative and elegant solutions.

Together with WHIS and the NHS, Unlike Minds co-authors the Global Social Prescribing Alliance's Playbook, for the G20 Summit in Berlin 27th May 2021
The Power of Interaction: i-Space Navigator, twenty years in the gestation, Unlike Minds' concept for an independent experience layer for the Internet.
Gorton Monastery in Manchester UK, the spiritual home of Unlike Minds now a Global Hub for the SDG Cities Programme.
As a partner of the World Health Innovation Summit, Unlike Minds produced this diagram emphasising community in post-covid19 society.

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Through partners Neurofiles, we've been showing children (and their teachers) the difference an understanding of neuroscience can make to learning and teaching.
We first became involved with augmented reality in 2008 when we won a contract with the UK government. More recently we turned our attention to GP practices.
In April 2020, David D joined the management team of the World Health Innovation Summit as SDG3 Expert: Information Strategy.
Understanding the relationship between information and meaning-making is critical to us. We organised and hosted a virtual global conference for #sHday17.
We are delighted to welcome Hank Kune (centre) to Unlike Minds. He has a wealth of experience in community engagement. Hank lives in the Netherlands.
Unlike Mind associates present at conferences on learning and healthcare around the globe.


In the late 90s we became obsessed with the way in which people might map and navigate the information most relevant to them. 20 years later we have come full circle, though the intervening technology now makes it possible.

We are rather proud of the Unlike Minds brand. This page explains the derivation of the name and the geometric logo, both of which have multiple layers of meaning.